We are in the scamdemic era

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South Africa alone has seen an 1200% increase in the last year.

Knowledge is power.

Terminology - Knowledge is Key

7 Dictionary Books around the Topic Scamming. Searching the Dictionaries easily and viewing more information about each word.

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Unsure if a website, company or person are safe? Search our database to see if other's have reported it.

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Links to books and videos to help you do research. We are not in the fight alone.

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Reporting scams are important.


When enough people have reported scams, my aim is to report it all to the authorities. Example: Sent a certain bank scammers love to use a list of accounts reported and the nr of people this account have scammed.

“A term derived from merging "Scam" and "Pandemic". It signifies: Widespread Scams: A situation where scams are pervasive and spreading rapidly across a community, country, or globally. Viral Nature: Just as a disease can go viral and spread rapidly, scams can proliferate quickly, especially in the digital age. Public Awareness: A call to action for the public to be aware, informed, and cautious about potential scams, ensuring they do not become victims.”